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Cuplock System

Being reputed Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Cuplock System in India, Om Wire & Wire Products Industries offers our scaffolding cuplock systems in various sizes and dimensions. Using finest quality raw material, our cuplock system is produced in compliance with international standard of quality. Our cuplock scaffolding system is widely demanded by mainly construction companies and contractors for construction work and repairing work of buildings

Manufactured using advanced manufacturing techniques, our cup lock system is easy to assemble in scaffolding system and easy to remove when construction work is completed. These Cuplock Systems provide high access and self support scaffolding and these are better solutions of scaffolding providing safety. At the same time, our cuplock systems are offered at the most competitive prices in India

Benefits of Cuplock System

  • Strong Construction
  • Safest scaffolding system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to erect
  • Time saving system

There are two types of Cuplock Scaffolding Systems available i.e. verticals and horizontal cuplock scaffolds.

Components of Cuplock System

The major components of this Cuplock System are:

A 1. Verticals / Standards

  • Material Conforms IS-1161 -1998 OR IS -1239 part I
  • Pipes 40 NB (OD 48.3 mm) ERW Mild Street Light / Medium Class
  • Ledger blades are made out of M.S. Forging
  • Horizontal are available in a standard sizes

The principle feature of MSF, is the unique method of connecting horizontal to verticals in one single action without the use of nuts, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to verticals and a sliding upper cup is moved down and rotated by hammer blow to give a positive and rigid connection.

Benefits of Cuplock System

Strong, Time saving in erection, quick to assemble, Simple to erect, fully systemized, can eliminate tube and loose fittings, Confidence from in-depth technical support.


Cup-Lock vertical are provided in seven basic sizes with cup joints welded at 500mm or 1000mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are malleable casting which endure rough site handling, whilst the fixed bottom cups are pressed from high quality steel. Cuplock Vertical made out of 48.3mm OD (40m NB) M.S Block pipe ERW 'Med' ISI Marked with Malleable C.I. Top Cup and forged Bottom Cup @1000.


The Cup-Lock system utilizes a carefully selected range of sizes to meet the varied demands of grids in general support of formwork. Many of these can also be used for access structure. Each has forged. Blade ends with the minimum projection to resist site damage. Cuplock Horizontal made out of 48.3mm OD (40m NB) M.S Block pipe ERW 'Med' with Ledger Blades welded at both ends.

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