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Concertina Wire

Om Wire & Wire Products Industries are counted among leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Concertina Wire in India. Seeing the vast competition in the industry, we have focused more on the quality of products to ensure satisfaction of our clients. We are a pioneer name in manufacturing and implementing border fencing for protection of high security zones. We use a high quality central core of high tensile wire wraped with sharp barbs or razor to obstruct and protect. Our products are made to hardness to ensure nobody can cut it using hand tools.

Features of Concertina Wire

  • Used for fencing edges or borders for security aims.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Made-up from high tensile wire
  • Easy transport and installation
  • High tensile spring steel wire is used, which can easily be cut with standard tools.
  • Due to anti-corrosive & anti-abrasive nature
  • long lasting life

Application Areas of Concertina Wire

  • Commercial and industrial
  • Delicate research and development sites
  • Border security
  • Military installations

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